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Book your FREE Sleep Checkup!

We'll diagnose the issues and answer your specific questions.



Kitty says

Lisa is very approachable and responds quickly to any questions. Being a mother, her advice is sensible as well. She was able to turn new concepts into something that I found easy to understand. With Lisa’s help I was able to finally put Arden down awake and walk away without worrying at all. I can even have date night again! If you’re deciding if this is worth the investment, it totally is.

Jenn says

We learned so much game changing information about what our daughter needed to improve her sleep (and what we were doing wrong). Her sleep greatly improved using the Wake Windows System. We were really impressed with Lisa’s depth and breadth of knowledge and the amount of time and caring she put into our family! We would highly recommend her service to anyone struggling with their child’s sleep.

Mel says

I was worried because of some things I had heard about sleep training, but we were getting desperate – everyone was unbearably miserable and tired. Lisa designed a method that we were comfortable with and then supported us to implement it. Lisa’s teaching style made all the difference. We saw improvements within 24 hours and we were done in 3 days!  I have a happy baby and we have our lives back – that’s priceless!


I teach new and soon-to-be parents to work confidently WITH baby’s biology, using my 3-step system, to ensure baby’s healthy development and a good night’s sleep for everyone so that parents have the energy and presence to enjoy this special time with a happy little one!


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