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Book your FREE Sleep Checkup!

We'll diagnose the issues and answer your specific questions.

Since you’re here, I’m guessing you’re worried.

Whether you’re worried about how you’ll function without adequate sleep when baby arrives, or, you’re worried about how little you’re sleeping since baby arrived – you’re in the right place.

I know you’re a loving, amazing parent, but perhaps you:

  • have no idea what “normal” baby sleep looks like or if you’re doing the right things or not.
  • need help in figuring out how to tweak the schedule – or when a schedule even becomes important.
  • are worried about your lack of sleep and the effects on your body, mental health and your relationships
  • are concerned that a lack of deep, uninterrupted sleep is bad for baby’s development and mood
  • Are considering sleep “training” only out of desperation and are overwhelmed with it all

You want to do something, anything to ensure healthy, peaceful sleep for everyone, but you feel stuck.

Well, I’ve been exactly where you are now and I want you to know that it is possible to get the get baby sleeping properly, quickly! Incidentally, that means more sleep for you too!

In fact, if you start early enough, you can be that one parent at the park who was gifted with a unicorn sleep-loving baby. The truth is, that baby’s sleep skills probably aren’t a result of good luck. So, how did that parent do it?

Hey! I’m Lisa Fernandes and I teach new and soon-to-be parents to work confidently WITH baby’s biology, using my 3-step system, to ensure baby’s healthy development and a good night’s sleep for everyone. You’ll finally have the energy and presence to enjoy this special time with a happy little one!


Lisa Fernandes
Photo Credit: Nate Dionisio

My journey began with the news that I was pregnant. (This is what I looked like before baby came!) After the initial awe and excitement about growing a whole human, the first thing I did was to start reading. I like to be over-prepared. It gives me comfort. 🙂

By the time baby arrived, I thought I’d read everything I needed to know for the first two years. But things didn’t go as planned. Shocker, I know.

I thought nursing would come naturally but had trouble breast-feeding and getting baby to latch. I spent 6 anxious weeks reading, researching, pumping, and traveling to various lactation clinics before finally shelling out the money to a private lactation consultant. She solved my problems within 2 hours. Best money I ever spent!

I spent a lot of time stimulating my newborn baby’s brain thinking he’d drift off when he needed to.  After a while, he started waking every 45 minutes. So, I also dutifully adhered to the feeding and sleep schedules I found online and in books, but baby would still cry (a lot) before and during sleep times. He rarely woke happy – his crying was fraying my nerves and making me think something was very wrong. I asked around and got lots of different advice from doctors, friends, and family members. Oh, and the random strangers that felt like helping.

I thought it was colic, or reflux, or night terrors. I fervently searched online and visited the doctor more than a few times. I felt like I was failing as a mother – first I couldn’t feed my baby and now I couldn’t get him to sleep! My husband and I tried a lot of things. A pacifier. A swing. A fancier swing. Rocking him. Bouncing him. We co-slept. I nursed to sleep. And yet he would cry every hour or so. All night. Every night. And during naps. I couldn’t get anything done in the house, including getting some rest myself!

I hadn’t intended on bed sharing but eventually, the only way he slept was beside me, latched to my breast. All night. If my nipple came out of his mouth, he’d wake up. I had to sustain an awkward, painful position all night. I became the only one who wasn’t sleeping. Was this what all mothers were doing??? There had to be a better way.

This lasted a few weeks and then I lost my mind and learned everything there is to know about baby sleep. I was mildly horrified to discover that, I was actually creating and aggravating, the very issues I was trying to solve.

When I finally learned about the WHY of baby sleep, I was able to change HOW I approached it. 

The results were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G!

I kept wishing someone would have taught me the basics before baby arrived so that I could have avoided the entire sleepless situation, along with the anxiety and desperation. Oh, and the crankiness…and I’m not just talking about baby! 

Soon, I was the one giving baby sleep tutorials and was passionately advising friends and family about baby sleep before their babies arrived (and eventually, afterwards). I saw firsthand the difference that good sleep made in their lives, as it had in mine. I eventually put everything together in a simple 3-step system. Now, I want to teach the Wake Windows Baby Sleep System to you, so you can learn from my mistakes and get the rest you all need – fast!

I’d love to chat with you and make a difference in your family’s journey to restorative sleep. Call for (or schedule) your FREE Sleep Checkup today.

Thanks so much for coming by and remember…sweet dreams await!


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