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We'll diagnose the issues and answer your specific questions.





Book your FREE Sleep Checkup!

We'll diagnose the issues and answer your specific questions.
I teach new and soon-to-be parents to work confidently WITH baby’s biology, using my 3-step system, to ensure baby’s healthy development and a good night’s sleep for everyone so that parents have the energy and presence to enjoy this special time with a happy little one!

So, why did I want to become a sleep consultant? After my own bumpy ride into motherhood, I felt that baby sleep in particular was one of those topics that that wasn’t covered in my prenatal course, that wasn’t well explained in any of my books, and therefore probably one I couldn’t do anything about. At the same time, being exhausted and having a cranky baby who never slept more than 45 minutes at a time impacted every aspect of our already upside-down lives.

As a teacher, I felt that something so important really needed to be explicitly taught to new and, even better, soon-to-be parents! I started out helping strangers online and then graduated to family and friends…and the rest is history.

Get FREE help now

Frustrated and confused about what you should do to get your child to sleep? I was too!

Call us for (or schedule) a FREE, no-obligation Sleep Checkup. During this video call or phone call:

  • we’ll diagnose the issues
  • answer your specific questions
  • determine how we can help your family get the rest they need
  • we’ll base our recommendations on your goals and your timeline.

My Philosophy

I believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I’m a planner. I read, research and take courses – I like to be over-prepared. I’m also a teacher. So it was surprising to me that, after preparing for motherhood, I couldn’t get my baby to stay asleep! Because I prefer to teach people to fish rather than simply give them the fish, I want you to understand the WHY, so you can master the HOW of healthy baby sleep sustainably. I strive to teach you everything I know so you’ll never feel alone or confused about what to do.

My Goals

I want every parent to have the tools they need to:

  • understand how to work WITH your baby’s biology, and not (unknowingly) against it, to create a lifetime of healthy sleep habits for your family.
  • make informed decisions about the conflicting advice and information about sleep “training”.
  • be confident in your abilities rather than resorting to potentially unsafe sleep practices out of desperation.
  • not worry unnecessarily that there is something wrong with you, or baby.
  • have the energy and presence you need to be a superstar parent.

My Certifications

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