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Newborn Not Sleeping?

I know the feeling. That adorable teeny tiny baby’s not sleeping and neither are you. Some things are still working (barely!) to get baby to sleep and you need help before it gets worse. (Skip to the package.)

I found myself in the same position only a few months into motherhood. I had no idea I was actually contributing to my baby’s lack of sleep. It took months to figure things out on my own and lot of excruciatingly slow trial and error. 

There’s no better time to give your family the gift of healthy, lifelong sleep and let me help you to get back to enjoying this special time with your beautiful baby.

I know how tired you are, so our Newborn Package is designed to be quick and easy. Set up your FREE no-obligation consultation to learn more or chat- sweet dreams await!

Unlock the secrets of baby sleep

Ever wondered why no one taught you "how to actually get your baby to fall and stay asleep"? Ever notice how pretty much all new parents seem sleep deprived for way too long, like 6 months or 3 years? There's a reason their baby isn't sleeping - and I teach you how to avoid that reason altogether.

Get a snapshot of baby's sleep at any time

I can teach you to decipher what's actually happening with baby's disturbed sleep and determine the cause.  Imagine the relief and confidence you'll have knowing when sleep is about to go off the rails, why it's happening and how to compensate for much smoother sailing.

Solve the puzzle of baby (lack of) sleep

There are many pieces that must fit together perfectly to solve the baby sleep puzzle. The environment, the schedule, the routine, the parents...and sometimes the baby too! Through a one-time personalized service, I'll help you to solve the baby sleep puzzle and give you all the tools you'll need to go forward on your own.

newborn sleeping in colourful swaddle

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