for parents of 6 – 8 month old babies


  • The ONLY professionally run sleep training that gives you the support and  expertise of 2 certified sleep consultants for LESS than the price of 1!

  • Finally, an affordable solution to get everyone sleeping quickly without  sacrificing the personal attention and support you get with a private consultation!

All Baby Sleep Bootcamp prices are in USD.

Launch Pricing


Doors close Friday August 24th at 11:59 pm (CST)

To ensure personal attention and support, a very limited number of spaces will be available.

**Our August 2018 Bootcamp is for 6 – 8 month old babies.**

As our Baby Sleep Bootcamp is now closed, feel free to contact me for a FREE Sleep Checkup!

Ashley Olson Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant
We met on a sleep training forum several years ago. Since then, we’ve both figured out how to get our own babies to sleep and started helping others.

At first, it was friends and family, and with each success and the enjoyment it brought us to help others, we decided to become certified sleep consultants.

With over 6 years of combined experience, we’ve seen it all. At the end of the day, we believe that good sleep shouldn’t cost a fortune.

That’s why we worked together to conceive of an option for families that couldn’t afford individual consultation prices.

The result was Baby Sleep Bootcamp.

Lisa Fernandes Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant




Get a lower price per family since we’ll be working in a group.

11 days of unlimited support

Because there will be several families, we’ve included even more support than a one on one package, including answers to all your questions and 4 opportunities to talk to us live.

References and Resources

Access to survival guides and other resources like wake time charts to guide you afterward.

Date Nights

You could watch a movie with your partner without interruption. Or have a relaxed meal together. Or go have a quiet bath and go to sleep early.

A Complete, Simple Solution

We’ve thought of everything, so you don’t have to – and it’s all in one place.

Less Stress

Imagine putting baby down awake and walking away. Baby falls asleep on their own and you’ll all wake up refreshed! It’s not a pipe dream – it’s within your grasp.

Live Video Chats

Before, during and after we implement the sleep plan, we’ll have have video chats where we give you everything you need to succeed, fine tune and answer all your questions.

Alone Time

Have some uninterrupted quiet time for yourself. Read a novel, catch up with a friend, have a cup of tea, finally print some baby photos, exercise, or even shower!

A Detailed Sleep Plan

A sleep plan for your baby chock full of information, explanations, tips, a schedule and options on how to sleep train for you to choose to align with your parenting style.

Step by Step Plan

We walk you through every step including how to prepare and how to maintain your sleep gains.

Peer Support and New Friends

You’ll be working with other families with babies the same age as yours and continue in our Graduates group as you go through milestones together.


Once you know the system, you’ll be able to take control, diagnose any future issues and solve them yourself.

+ BONUS FREE Closed Facebook Group Membership FOREVER

Get continued online support and help other like-minded parents with babies the same age in our Baby Sleep Bootcamp Graduates Facebook Group.



PHASE 1: Aug 27 – 30

Preparation and Learning


PHASE 2: Aug 31 – Sept 2

Implementing the Sleep Plan Together


PHASE 3: Sept 3 – 6

Fine Tuning and Looking Ahead

PHASE 1 Details
We’ll teach you everything you need to know about:

  • Creating an age-appropriate schedule that minimizes over tiredness
  • Implementing a good routine and good sleep habits
  • Optimizing your sleep environment for actually sleeping
  • Helping to get your partner on the same page to ensure consistency for baby
  • Detecting and diagnosing problems with your baby’s sleep by tracking!

You’ll receive your sleep plan and on August 30th we’ll do a live video chat to answer all your questions about implementing it.

PHASE 2 Details
We start night 1 of sleep training at bedtime on Friday August 31st. We’ll hold your hand by following along in our Facebook group to answer any questions as you go. We’ll then debrief together, on Saturday (10 am CST) with a live Q&A. After night 2 of training on Saturday, we’ll hold another live Q&A session on Sunday (1 pm CST). These sessions will be useful to resolve any issues and get your questions answered. The vast majority of clients see results in 3 nights.
PHASE 3 Details
As you continue the process, we’ll be there to answer any questions in the Facebook group. We’ll then have a final live recap session on Wednesday September 5th to get in all your final questions and of course, we’ll go over how to navigate any future speed bumps. Our last day will be Thursday August 6th. You’ll then move to our Graduates Group on Facebook where you’ll be able to get support, troubleshoot and even support others on their journey! 
Don’t read any books. Don’t research late into the night. Don’t ask your friends. Don’t delay! We’ve tied up all the loose ends and connected all the dots to create a fast, easy and affordable option to get you all sleeping!

Things you WON'T have to do if you join the Baby Sleep Bootcamp:

Worry about what sleep deprivation is doing to you, your partner, your relationships and your baby
Waste time & money trying to stay awake to read blogs and buying whole “programs” to get baby to sleep
Get overwhelmed lots of theory but not the practical steps to actually do anything
Pull your hair out trying different sleep training methods on your own – without success
Procrastinate on sleep training yet again  because you’re too scared, or because the timing is never right
Scream and cry in frustration because, like your baby, you and your partner have become cranky and irritable too
Wonder why you’re not enjoying your baby very much, why you haven’t had a real conversation with your partner in ages or why you dread bedtime
Lose bonding time with baby because you’re too exhausted to be the best parent you can be, and want to be
Deal with the insanity of a  baby who fights sleep by not going to sleep or staying asleep for more than 45 minutes at a time

Things you WILL have to do if you join the Baby Sleep Bootcamp:

Follow the step by step instructions as we walk you through the prep phase, the implementation of your sleep plan and the support phase where we’ll tweak your plan as you go.
Trust the process and ask questions. Not only will we be helping you out on several live video chats, we’ll also answer every question posed in our Baby Sleep Bootcamp Facebook group.
Sleep, and bask in your own glory of this accomplishment!

As our Baby Sleep Bootcamp is now closed, feel free to contact me for a FREE Sleep Checkup!


Will I still get personal service if I'm part of a group?
Yes! We limit the size of the group to what we can manage and comfortably support. We will personally answer every single question in the Facebook group or on our live video chats. We’ll never leave you hanging!
I’m worried because I’m so tired I can barely think straight. What if I don't know what I’m doing?
Don’t worry – we go over all the puzzle pieces before we start, so that you know exactly what you’re doing when the time comes. We also offer support during the sleep training process – you can always ask as many questions as you’d like as we go. And, we fine tune things afterward for you.
We've been co-sleeping for a while, but want to stop. Will the Baby Sleep Bootcamp work for us?
Yes! We’ve helped many co-sleeping families who want to transition back to having their own sleep spaces.
Will there be crying?
Probably. There is no sleep training method (including “no-tears” or “gentle-methods” that can completely prevent any tears. We do everything we can to minimize it, of course, but you need to expect some crying. We offer various ways to comfort and soothe your baby, whether you want to stay in the room the whole time, or not. Well-loved babies aren’t crying because they feel abandoned – they cry because you’re suddenly changing what you have been teaching them all this time – and no one likes change, especially little ones who crave predictability! So, if you can handle some tears then you’ll do fine.  We teach you how to adjust the method on the fly based on your baby’s temperament and response the the sleep plan. We are there to support you through it every step of the way. And, one more note: the longer you wait to sleep train, the more ingrained the habits, and the more crying will ensue, so, if you (and your partner) think you’ll be able to be consistent and follow the plan, fully supported by us, then this is your chance to get everyone sleeping again.
I'm still night feeding - will the Baby Sleep Bootcamp help me to drop the night feeds?
If your doctor says you can drop the night feeds, and YOU want to drop them, then yes! We can show you different ways of accomplishing this.
Why is the cost so affordable?
By sharing the support cost with the group, we’re able to offer a discounted price to each family! Don’t worry, we haven’t reduced the level of service you’d otherwise receive – in fact, we’ve increased it!
Is it REALLY only $149? Are there any hidden costs?
It REALLY is only $149 (one time fee!) and there are no hidden costs! However, if you’d like to continue with private services at some point afterward, we offer packages at a variety of price points you may want to consider. Our goal with this program is that you become self-sufficient, but many people feel more at ease knowing there is individual support available if they need it.
How does this compare to a 1 or 2 week plan for a single family?
A basic 7 day package from a single sleep consultant runs over $200 (a 14 day package runs over $300) and your support expires. With this amazing offer, you get full access to two certified sleep consultants, an 11-day package and online support forever, all for only $149 (or $129 for the Early Bird Special).
How much work do I have to do?
We’ll give you instructions each day, to get your schedule on track, the baby’s sleeping environment ready, and to get your partner on board.   You’ll need to follow the steps in your sleep plans in order to see results. You’ll need to provide us some information about how the day and night went (a log will suffice). That’s pretty much it – follow instructions and let us help you!
What if I need help?
You’ll have access to 2 certified sleep consultants – so just post your question in the Facebook group and we’ll answer there or in one of our four live video chats. All questions will be answered! How’s that for personal interaction? 🙂
What happens next?
If you’re interested, you’ll need to complete our short assessment form for us to learn a little bit about your baby’s sleep troubles – you won’t pay anything yet! You’ll only pay if we’re able to place you in the group. Note: To ensure personal attention and support, limited spaces will be made available!


As our Baby Sleep Bootcamp is now closed, feel free to contact me for a FREE Sleep Checkup!

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