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“I’m so exhausted – it’s been 6 months – why won’t my baby sleep?”

That’s the most common sentence I hear during my FREE Sleep Checkups.

Is your 6-8 month old baby keeping you up all night? Does baby nap at most 45 minutes? Is baby getting enough sleep for optimal growth and development? Do you dream getting one good stretch of sleep, even if you have to sleep in a cornfield to do it?

If you’ve thought about hiring a sleep consultant but didn’t want to pay the high prices of private consultations, I’ve got a new option that might work for your family!

Our Most Affordable Option

Parents are dealing with a lot of expenses and I don’t believe that a good night’s sleep should cost a fortune. So I came up with an idea that would allow group consultations, so families could share the cost. But I still wanted to provide the same level of personalized service my one-on-one clients had come to expect. That’s how Baby Sleep Bootcamps were ‘conceived’. (See what I did there?)

I talked this idea over with another sleep consultant, Ashley Olson from Heaven Sent Sleep and a few months later, she let me know she was ready to try it!

Double the Support

Working with Heaven Sent Sleep, we created Baby Sleep Bootcamps which are small groups of families with babies the same age who go through a sleep learning experience with TWO certified pediatric sleep consultants to guide and support them.

You’ll get full access to 2 certified sleep consultants for 11 days at less than the cost of 1 certified sleep consultant for 7 days! We’ll provide you with a structured program and answer all your questions to maximize your chances of success. To ensure personal attention and support, a very limited number of spaces will be available. 

The Sugust 2018 Baby Sleep Bootcamp for 6-8 month old babies runs Monday, August 27th – Thursday Sept 6th! Sign up by Tuesday August 31, 2018 at 11:59 pm (CST) to get the Early Bird Pricing!

NOTE: Attention all mommy groups (and daddy groups!) If you have a group of friends who’d all like to share the cost of Baby Sleep Bootcamp, please contact me!

*Due to the nature of this program, all Baby Sleep Bootcamps will be listed in $USD

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